Your point of view. Our point of sale.

Our cloud-based point-of-sale solution will offer a new perspective on managing your day-to-day operations.

Who We Are ?

We strongly believe that a successful story is one that holds the numbers. One business’ success is reflected in its achievements, growth, and impact, rather than just the narrative or the idea behind it.

In this context, our story is our legacy.

Our story begins 25 years ago in the small city of ‘s-Hertogenbosch (Netherlands) when Tonny Van Laarhoven, general manager and co-founder of Ecash software, created a way to offer restaurant owners a much more convenient way of managing their businesses. What he offered was a simple but highly effective POS system that could be operated by anyone without any special training.

Up to this point, we have issued over 3000 licenses, sold more than 300+ software solutions, and expanded into 3 countries, showcasing our successful operations beyond the initial market.

The continuous urge for improvement expanded our horizons, made it possible to conquer new markets, and gave us a much clearer vision for the future.

We are highly motivated to become one of the best software solutions in the European POS industry and beyond. By joining forces, we will succeed.

Mission, Vision & Values

Our work process has always been a crucial element of our operations. We always opt to listen to what our clients have to say. By doing so we are paving the way to perpetual progress, all because we are staying true to the words we speak and the relationships we nurture.


We strive towards making the catering industry a better place for everyone involved in the process.


To offer a sustainable solution that will transform every business into a successful story, inside and out.


We prioritize working closely with businesses to understand their unique needs and create tailored solutions that meet those needs.

Meet the Core Team

Behind every successful product is a team fueled by the desire to achieve greatness.
Meet our achievers.

Tonny Van Laarhoven

General Manager

Viktor Nikolovski

Operational Manager

Stephan Udo

Sales Manager

Stefan Trajković

Head of Engineering

Ljupcho Crvenkovski

Head of Development

Tamara Timmermans

Commercial Director

Chris Weller

Technical Service Manager

Marc van Gemeren

Technical Service Manager